Megan is just some weird girl who has been into weird stuff her whole life and, thanks to a school teacher, started to make costumes in 2008. Since then she has made over 100 costumes and traveled all over the US, and even internationally, to conventions! Having learned the basics of sewing at a young age, Megan caught on to cosplay extremely quick. The first few years, she would only make a handful of costumes, spending most of her time on important stuff like playing video games and watching cartoons, but, in 2012 she went absolutely crazy and debuted 32 new costumes. Ever since then, she's been traveling around non-stop and making at least 20 new costumes with each passing year. (Keep in mind these numbers don't count commissions or costumes for friends!) Megan enjoys spending what little free time she has left watching children's programming, playing dumb games, attempting to catch up on comics, and hanging out with her weenie dog, Sadie.

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One of Megan's favorite things about conventions is helping out! She's super friendly and loves talking about things she's obsessed with, this makes her perfect for being a panelist. Naturally, Megan has been a part of a plethora of cosplay focused panels, but she can talk about a whole bunch more! One of her favorites being "Nerds Anonymous," where she and everyone else in the panel room get together and share stories about growing up nerdy, the struggles, and where they are now. Aside from awkwardly standing in a room in front of people and cracking bad jokes for an hour, Megan is also great at judging or hosting costume contests! In her eight years of cosplaying, she's entered tons of contests and won multiple awards for craftsmanship. Combine this with the fact that she makes a living off of making and selling costumes and she's perfect for the job! If you are interested in having Megan at your event, please feel free to send her an e-mail via the contact page.